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GST Registration is one of the very important business compliance nowadays. Businesses with a turnover of more than Rs 20 lakhs (10 lakhs in the North East and hill states) must register for GST as a normal taxable person as per the new GST regulation. Apart from the various turnover brackets, there are other instances where getting a new GST registration online is required for people or companies engaged in the provision of goods or services across the state. It is a mandatory requirement of the businesses and one cannot ignore it. Ignorance of this compliance can attract heavy penalties and fines because as per GST Act it is an offense. Such kinds of penalties can prove fatal for one business. Hence every businessman who wants to escape from such fines and penalties must take GST Registration. The process of getting this registration is fully online, but it does not mean it’s easy to get such registration. Therefore expert advice is always suggested.


  1. Streamlined Tax Services
  2. Reduced Cost
  3. Avoid Lengthy Tax Services
  4. Reduce Fraud
  5. Uniform Taxation Process
  6. Minimum Tax Evasion
  7. Higher Bar
  8. Easy Registration Process
  9. Regulated Different Sectors
  10. Increased Number of Compliances



The application for GST registration must be filed with the set of documents prescribed under the GST Act, 2016. The documentation is based on the type of business entity that has applied for the registration, and the nature of its business activity. It is extremely important that all the documents required to be submitted with the application, must be arranged before the application is filed, so that the applicant does not miss any of them while filing the application. A failure to furnish all the prescribed documents in the correct form and format may result in the rejection of the entire application for GST registration.

Registration on GST portal

To obtain GST registration, the applicant shall have to file the GST REG-01 application available on the GST portal. The application is divided into two parts. The first part asks for all the basic details of the applicant like name, contact number, e-mail address, location and PAN if the application is PAN-based, whereas an Aadhar number if the application is Aadhar based.

OTP based Verification

After the first part is successfully filled out, an OTP based verification is conducted to verify the identity of the applicant. If the application is PAN-based, an OTP is sent to the email and contact number mentioned in the application. On furnishing the correct OTP, you will be allowed to proceed with the application. However, if the application is Aadhar based, an OTP will be sent on the email address and contact number of the application, furnishing which you will be required to input the Aadhar number and a second OTP will be sent on the email address and mobile number registered in the Aadhar document. On successful submission of both these OTPs, you may proceed with the application.

Generation of TRN

After the identity of the applicant is successfully verified, a Temporary Reference Number or TRN is sent to the email address and contact number of the applicant, using which he can proceed to the second part of the application. Note that the TRN is valid for 15 days from the date on which it has been issued. Therefore, the second part of the application must be filled out and submitted within these 15 days only.


Before beginning the process of GST registration, we advise that you arrange all required documents, as missing even one of them can lead to your application getting rejected.